A history-making enterprise committed to delivering the biggest dream humanity has ever dared to dream:
to develop the economies and societies, and preserve and restore the cultures and natural environments, of economically distressed nations, catapulting our Host Countries, and humankind, into a new era of universal sustainability.


Christopher Wolf Crutcher, a U.S. Citizen is the Co-Founder of Project Galileo (see:  christopherwolfcrutcher.com).  As a graduate of Harvard College in European History (’86), his study of the economics of the Sugar Industry in Haiti led to an interest both in finance and constructive economic development.  Starting in training programs with Morgan Stanley’s Controllers’ Department in New York and Tokyo, then working on the Bond Desk of DB Capital Markets (Asia) Ltd. in Tokyo (a Deutsche Bank Subsidiary), he then embarked on an international financial consulting career, advising high-net-worth individuals, large corporations, venture businesses, and international governments.  Having performed work in 47 countries, his favorite undertaking was the economic development consulting he performed for Canadian First Nations during the 1990’s.  Since 2008, Mr. Crutcher has worked together with Mr. Cleante Vitali to design and implement Project Galileo as an engine for social, economic, cultural, and environmental recovery and growth for developing countries.  He is currently serving as Group Chairman of Project Galileo Group and the Consortium.

Cleante Libero Vitali, Eng., an Italian Citizen, is the Co-Founder of Project Galileo, and is responsible for contributing the majority of the 300 Technologies of Project Galileo.  He received his diploma in Telecommunications from the City of Modena (’59), after which he attended an Italian military academy.  Mr. Vitali later completed a program in Economy and Commerce at the University of Turin (’63), and was subsequently awarded an Engineering Degree from the University of Bologna (’65).  He received his degree in Political Science in Monrovia, Liberia (’68)–his thesis work was related to Liberian Foreign Policy.   Mr. Vitali was a successful military and commercial pilot, and later a developer of large-scale commercial and residential real estate projects in Spain and Saudi Arabia.  His achievements in both the European and global Fashion Industry, and the Polygraphics Industry, including large-scale ventures within multiple former Soviet Republics (“FSR’s“), have brought him international renown.  As a serial entrepreneur and Robotics Engineer, he acquired and co-developed numerous advanced technologies and high-tech enterprises over the past few decades, and assembled the multitude of disruptive innovations that have been incorporated into Project Galileo’s technology portfolio.  Mr. Vitali is currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer (“CTO“) of Project Galileo Group and the Consortium.

The Founders