Based in: Empire Group’s Branch Office in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Supporting: The Christian Foundation

The main investment of the Christian Growth Fund, during the Start-up Phase of Project Galileo, will be our Christian Bank, known as “CBANK™.” Christian Banking still remains in its infancy, while Islamic Banking, as developed during the late 20th Century, has, by comparison, been wildly successful. We have identified a very large and unserved Christian Banking Market, to whom the Christian Growth Fund will be offering Christian financial products and services, at first within our Cities of Science, then subsequently throughout the rest of the World. CBANK™, the Christian Bank to be founded by the Christian Growth Fund, will represent one of the five (5) Financial Engines of Project Galileo, attracting deposits and customers from all over the World. The Christian Growth Fund will also be seeking to invest in companies which have committed to adhere to basic Christian principals, or which maintain a philosophy of promoting the welfare of society as a whole and/or the environment.

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