The Layout

Based in:  Empire Group’s Branch Offices within the 3 Terrestrial Cities of Science, in: Anaklia, Georgia; Baie de Henne, Haiti; and Visayas, Philippines

Supporting the following 4 Foundations:  The University of the City of Science Foundation; The Innovation Exchange Foundation; The Education & Literacy Foundation; and The Clean Water & Sanitation Foundation

This large Fund will have the mandate to develop Project Galileo’s Virtual and Terrestrial Cities of Science, commencing with identified sites in the Republics of Georgia, Haiti, and the Philippines (our initial 3 “Host Countries”).  In future, we expect that this important franchise will grow to include numerous additional Cities of Science, in diverse areas of the Globe.  The City of Science Fund will be deploying capital to acquire and/or lease property to construct cities large enough for a seed population of 100,000 persons, representing 25,000 new jobs in construction, manufacturing, high-tech R&D, finance and other services, the arts, professional sports, traditional and non-traditional medicine, education, and all other professions.

Located in investment-friendly free zones, the Terrestrial Cities of Science will endow their Citizens with special tax incentives, and abundant venture capital for innovations of all varieties.  The Economies of the Terrestrial Cities of Science™ will be driven by the 12 Funds, which will each be allocating a portion of their investment capital for the growth of each City, working in concert with our 5 special Financial Engines™:  the Innovation Exchange™ (junior stock exchange for innovative SME’s); the First Nations Stock Exchange™ (stock and bond exchange for the development of indigenous peoples within each Host Country and internationally); CBank™ (a 21st Century well-capitalized Christian Bank); a Polygraphics Production Facility (a printing facility for government use); and the exclusive use, within the Virtual and Terrestrial Cities of Science™, of our own cryptocurrency (a virtual bill named the “Galileo Monetary Unit™”).

The Virtual City of Science™ will complement the 3 Terrestrial Cities of Science™ by providing a secure platform for the purchase and sale of goods and services, including building materials and labor procurement for the construction of the Terrestrial Cities, and a virtual transaction engine to stimulate the economy of each City.