Based in: Empire Group’s Branch Office in Nadi, Fiji
Supporting: The MicroFinance Foundation

The other eleven (11) Funds of Project Galileo will be sponsoring, financing, and developing multiple new companies, in a variety of industries, representing vastly diverse countries/markets. These companies will, as the next stage in their development, need to raise secondary financing through international private placements and public listings. The Equities Fund will be located in offices in Kiribati and Fiji, strategically spanning the World’s “first” time zones. It will be the first financial company that is positioned to set the first-quoted daily price in global equity markets. This Fund will be active in investing in, and syndicating, the equity securities (and occasionally debt securities) of the companies developed by the 11 other Funds of Project Galileo, once they have been listed on Project Galileo’s Innovation Exchanges within our Terrestrial Cities of Science, or on other international stock exchanges. The Equities Fund will further be engaging in securities trading in all other global securities, along the International Date Line, benefitting from buy/sell and arbitrage transactions that can be conducted within this unique region of the World.