Based in: Empire Group’s Branch Office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Supporting: The Disaster Relief Foundation

The Petroleum Fund will also be making use of Project Galileo’s exclusive satellite technology to bring to light discoveries of crude oil and natural gas which have the potential to positively transform the economies of our 3 Host Countries, as well as those of many other developing or depressed countries throughout the World. We have already made oil & gas discoveries that could radically alter a number of poor countries, transforming them into wealthy nations. The Petroleum Fund will take great care to invest in locally formed SME’s (specializing in oil & gas technologies and services) within each of our 3 Host Countries (Haiti, Georgia, and the Philippines). In this way, the wealth generated by our resource discoveries can be more fairly distributed among the local business community in each Host Country, and in other developing nations. The Petroleum Fund will also be making well considered acquisitions of existing upstream, midstream, and downstream Petroleum Industry infrastructure, within Project Galileo’s Host Countries and throughout the World, overlaying a matrix of high-tech devices and processes which remediate or eliminate toxic waste and exhaust, thus bettering the environment.